The Accidental Artist with the Accidental Career!

This is what Wendy Deane calls herself……because she was a stay at home mom all of her adult life and after her four sons were grown and gone she began painting contemporary art for fun.

One of her sons opened a restaurant and asked her to bring her art into the main dining room……..with that came an over night career!

After painting and selling art from her home for about 5 years she decided to look for a warehouse space to paint in…..nothing fancy…just a work space. She stumbled on a building in the business district of the small town of Valley, NE near where she was living on Lake Ginger Woods.

With the encouragement of her family she purchased the building and renovated the main floor as her studio and display gallery.
About three years later she decided to do other improvements to the building and replaced all of the second story windows that were currently boarded shut. When the new windows were installed and she saw the light streaming through she decided she needed to do something with that space as well.

Her first thought was to bring the art gallery to the second floor, but her son had another idea………turn it into something beautiful for herself…..she was never at her lake home anyway….every waking hour was spent painting and hosting events in the building.

After 6 months of 18 hour days, Wendy and her two retired brothers completed about 90% of the finish work themselves and she was ready to call the Loft home.

She designed the Loft for her living quarters, never intending for the general public to enter, but that soon changed and the parties and people have followed her up to her Loft.

She regularly takes visitors on “Tour” telling about her journey and the renovation.

The Gallery is open Thursdays thru Sundays from 9am till 2pm and also by appointment 402-660-7040.